How come when I ask Siri what’s the temperature in Canada she thinks I mean Ottawa?

I want the temperature in the country of Canada? And is it snowing in Canada today or not?


temps are different all over Canada, just like different all over USA, specify what part you want

Bubba Gubbins

Siri is as dumb as a stick.

Rona Lachat

Eric so sad you siri is stupid. How is the wee one doing. Those night time feedings kept you off your computer. Ask Siri to go here


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and Canada is a big country, that has different temperatures all over it. Unless you tell siri which city in Canada you want to know the temperature in it's going to assume that you mean the capital.


Ottawa is the capital of Canada


Siri is an idiot. Just get a weather channel app.


It's always snowing (somewhere) in Canada...