I know no white people live in British Columbia anymore, but should Hongcouver now be called Blackcouver?

No white man has dwelled in or visited the city since 2000 when the ch*nks took it over. Now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, low iqed tribal black African people (not even American OR Caribbean) have flooded the city....and are spreading throughout the province. The last white man left the former city of Hongcouver in 2000, it was Hongcouver up until 2016. It is now going to be called Blackcouver. More n*ggers there than in any American city, and more savage too. They will rape and kill every 10 year old Chinese/white, girl they see, and ask for handouts. And I thought Toronto and Montreal were n*gger cities. Blackcouver, Black Columbia, Cancuckistan. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT?!


Wow - I toured all over that province in the summer of 2017, and I don't even recall seeing a single black person, although I was not watching out for people's races. If what you say is true, then millions of people must have changed in just over a year. I rather suspect that you are full of hot air though.