Is it possible to drive from Florida to Alaska?


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Jay P

Sure, you will just need a passport as you will need to drive through Canada to get there.


Yes. You just have to go through Canada to get there.

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The Alaska Highway officially begins in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. To reach “Mile Zero,” you can drive north on Highway 97 through British Columbia, or cruise through Alberta's high prairie westward to Dawson Creek. Driving to Alaska in a private car or RV offers the opportunity to linger along the way.


Sure, just takes a while.


Of course. You might drive right by my place on the way (I live in the Yukon). Head for Dawson Creek, and get on the Alaska Highway. In Whitehorse, in summer, you could turn north to go through Dawson City. Otherwise, just keep going on the AlCan, and you will get to Alaska. Loads of people do it every year.


yes, but you would have to pass through Canada on the journey




Yes of course


Of Course.


Yes, it's possible, but you have to drive through Canada which means you need a passport and pass through Canadian and US customs on the way there. Basically you drive from Florida to North Dakota or Montana, cross the border into Canada there, drive through Saskatchewan (if you enter through ND) and Alberta to get to Dawson Creek, BC which is the southern end of the Alaska Highway, then drive up to the US border. If you really want to avoid Customs and/or Canada, then there's a ferry from Bellingham, Washington that takes you to a number of ports in Alaska, but it's not cheap. It's somewhere about $1000 for a vehicle plus an extra few hundred dollars per person, each way.

John P

Look at a map and se if there is any large body of water (lake, sea, ocean) totally forbidding that journey by car. Rivers are ok because there are bridges, most lakes are actually ok because there are roads around the lakes.

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