Moving to Toronto Canada?

Me and my hubby and our 2 kids will be moving to Canada in the summer for his job. He is the military and that I’m in college getting my Master Degree online. My question is can I still get my degree in the USA or I have to transfer to a college in Canada. What to expect? We will not be knowing nobody in Canada this will be new to our family.

Lois Griffin

That's a great place to live! I would move there myself if I was able to. I don't know the answer to your question, and I'm not sure any stranger on yahoo would. You're better off just contacting your college directly! how's that for a solution! My guess would be; the college just wants your money --- and they probably wouldn't care where your residence is. but don't take my word for it; always check with your college.

SMH Corp

You should see if your current university permits correspondence education so you could complete online. Otherwise, there are tremendous universities in Toronto that would likely work with you for a transfer of credits so you're not disadvantaged transferring in. Best of luck with your move, and welcome to Canada, eh?


Discuss this with your USA educational institution. Use of foreign education sources is not uncommon and makes a resume more interesting. Don't be afraid of Canada.


If your husband is being relocated by the US Military, I'd imagine they'd be able to help you with this move - and answer the questions you will have. Living in other countries, or just visiting, is extremely broadening so I hope you embrace Canada, with all it has to offer. Or did because we've been back in the UK since 1989 now, and I know the Toronto area has changed, a lot. The town we used to live near, to the NW of the City, has grown out of recognition since we left. And looking at the online features that can be accessed, NOT to the better. Toronto used to be a great city, clean and safe as long as you took the normal precautions.


Talk to the college in the US.


America is better. Move there instead. Canada is a communist hellhole