People move from India to Canada?

Why do alot of people in India, when they decide to leave their home, they choose Canada?

Rona Lachat

There are a lot of people in in India about 1,000,000,000 of them. They move to a lot of countries. I doubt they all have exactly the same reasons for picking Canada or any other place they end up.other than it is not in India, Obviously it must be to make movies about the wonderful weather.


Canada has a good reputation.


Its a free country.


India kind of sucks (according to many), and Canada doesn't. It's pretty much that simple. Wages are far higher in Canada. Of course, so are costs, but, there isn't the same sort of poverty in Canada as there is in India.


Even my italian uncle lives in Canada.

Barry A

English-speaking Much less racism Room for intelligent people to advance


More opportunities, freedom and a slightly better life. If they have a family then their kids could have a better life then they did. With out insurance, there isn't a lot of free health care. Most provincial plans only cover only a portion of the cost of emergency hospital visits.


Yes. Are friends with some in Canada. Originally from Western India and Pakistan. Devout with faith centers and Canadian recognized holidays. Visited one in 2018 that paraded several hundred thousand 6 hours and a festival afterward for 6 more hours. Most had paid employment that allowed them this departure. I recommend British Columbia and do not recommend Ontario.


It's got free health care, as opposed to America where it's expensive as all hell. Cheers. +++++


Because Canada was named after Kannada.