What would happen if the Queen refused to give the necessary Royal Assent to a law passed the Canadian Parliament...?

... thereby causing the law to not be enacted? Would this cause disapproval of the monarchy to grow among the public, or does the Canadian public put more of its trust in the monarchy than in Parliament to make a final decision on whether something becomes law?


'What if?' questions on this subject are frequently posted and the answer is always the same. In effect Royal Assent is no more than the final 'rubber stamp' and signature on a document. In theory, while she has the power to veto any change in law, in practice democratically elected governments within parliaments have complete freedom to bring about changes in law, though HM is kept appraised of Bills which are in the process of being made law.


I doubt that would actually happen, though, because she knows that then Canadians might vote to no longer keep her on as their Head of State! Cheers. +++++


She doesn't even know. She has her representative, The Governor General of Canada sign all that stuff.

Milk Tray Man

She does everything the elected politicians want otherwise she would be killing the golden goose as a lot of the people who just shrug the royals off would stop the apathy if she tried to do anything relevant.


Can't happen. Not since the seventeenth century.


It wouldn't become law, simple as that. IF things ever came to that, it would likely be for something pretty unpalatable, so, a great many Canadians would be supporting her of course. She generally follows the advice given to her by the people through their representatives in Parliament, which is why she (and the GG) almost always gives approval. For her to say no, something really big would have happened, something controversial. There would certainly be a lot of posturing by the party in power, but, if even the Queen did not like what they were trying to do, they would likely lose confidence pretty quickly.