Can you still claim to be Jamaican even as though you were born in the states with Jamaican Parents? Debate or No debate?



You can claim to be of Jamaican blood/ancestry, and you can claim to be culturally Jamaican if that’s how you were brought up. But unless you have a Jamaican passport you cannot claim to be of Jamaican nationality, even if you have an underlying legitimate claim to Jamaican nationality. At the end of the day, unless it’s for legal purposes and causes no harm to others, nobody but you really cares what you claim to be. Have you checked that you actually are entitled to claim US Citizenship? Just being born there to Jamaican parents and living your whole life there does not automatically grant you the right to a US Passport. You may indeed be Jamaican after all without even realising it and so be a “Dreamer” living illegally in the USA without being aware of it.

Rona Lachat

Claim whatever you want. When asked for your passport you can explain your confused background.


Do you have Jamaican nationality? If so, you can call yourself Jamaican. If not, you can't.

Max Hoopla

Your ancestors were Jamaican. You are an American..


Do you have the Jamaican nationality ("passport")? If so you are legally jamaican. Are you fluent in jamaican patois because you were raised in it? If so you are ethnically jamaican. If neither apply, nobody is going to support your claim


Nah not really. Your just a plain old nword at that point.