Fellow Christians: Why is it popular to tell women to dress sexy or richly?

Why do i keep hearing Christians say its basically wrong to look poor or to dress in baggy dresses, no jewelry or makeup if youre a woman? If i feel comfortable in baggy dresses how is that anyones place to judge? Why do people put pressure on Christian women to "not look too frumpy" and "dress to be attractive to your husband"... And how is it the wifes fault her husband dorsnt get attracted by her?


It is popular because Satan is the god of this wicked world. True Christians will not wear immodest clothes


this is more like personal chat, ask the popular crowd. proudness and prideful bragging is not the true way of a Christian. nothing in the word teaches that.


?? Who says that? Nobody I know. To stand out by one's dress is tacky, whether it's to look frumpy in a false sense of humility or to dress expensively or provocatively in vanity. Both fly in the face of true Christian humility (which is *not a sense of being a doormat.)


Because most Christians are control freaks and expect people, especially women, to meet the victorian and puritanical standards of behaviour, dress and attire, which in the past was conveniently labelled by aristocrats as a godly form of wear and so, something God ordained. These people care more about their physical senses being satisfied with what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch, rather than noticing if people are clothed in Christ because their mind is full of snobbery, worldy ideals and carnality and they follow it, instead of God.

Innocent Boy !

because fashion has come from paganisem religions there are different paganic religions christanity budhist judaisem catholics jews hinduisem they wear same fashnable clothes and they become naked as fashion even bible says do hijab search it on google if you think i m wrong before bible.s corruption there are still islamic teaching in bible so which of the favours by god you deny


Whether they're telling you to wear high heels and makeup or a long dress and a wimple the general idea is that they want you to perform femininity, they're centering it around your (theoretical?) husband's (supposed) lack of desire because the general idea is that they want you to be submissive and self-blaming.