Punta Cana vacation cost expectations?

So this is my current budget breakdown in Canadian dollars, let me know if there are things I’m missing because I don’t want to be hit with unexpected costs Flight: $560 (add 50 for bagging) $610 Hostel 7 days: about $200 Activities/Food: $500 Taxis: $200

Rona Lachat

Your numbers are a little low for a week. Shall we all guess if you want the fancy dinner at night at the club with cocktails? A vacation can be done for this amount. I assume you are aware there is a high rate of crime. DO NOT wave your wad of cash around. No need to pull out your cash horde every time you buy something. Avoid wearing items of value or carrying an item that could make you at attractive target. Be wary of strangers, especially those who approach you at celebrations or nightspots. Travel with a partner or in a group if possible. Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in the Dominican Republic are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. Many unregulated taxis operating throughout the country lack basic safety features and should be avoided. Suggest you have a little more. YOU DO NOT have to spend all you take. Use your credit cards for large purchases.to avoid carrying cash.