When u go on a cruise do u have to pay to get off ship and visit beach?

It's it free to go to beach or is beach right where boat port in at when arrived at destination? Do u have to stay on the boat all day or pay to get off the boat to walk around on island in Bahamas


I have never been on a cruise where anyone is charged to get off the boat or to get back on again. Some beaches are privately owned and may charge you to enter, to use deckchairs or showers etc.


You can get off the boat, you dont have to pay, you only pay if you want to go on a tour or something

Been There, Done That.

No, not normally. What they WILL do is add a charge to your bill for tipping almost every person who works on the ship. What I do is go to the pursers desk and tell them I will take care of tipping people who serve me, and I don't want to be billed for that. Also, if you buy a drink at the bar, the price you pay INCLUDES a tip, so you don't need to drop another buck tip for the bartender. (If you paid for an "all inclusive" package, you don't pay for drinks) These cruises have many ways to lighten your wallet.


No, when you paid for your cruise you took care of that


Depends on the cruise package. Most are all expenses paid, so once youve paid the cruise fee, all food, drinks, entertainment, beach trips, etc are covered. But some are "no frills", so you pay a relatively low fee for the cruise, but they bill you for every single thing you do.


Theres no fee for that. Just remember to take your boarding pass with you when you get off the ship, so there is no hassle when you get back on the ship. They will check all passengers coming back on the ship for their boarding pass. When you get off the ship, there will be limos and taxis waiting for the tourists to take them places. The beach isnt RIGHT there when you get off the ship, but its nearby. You may have to catch a ride there, though. Once they port, you can get off the ship. Just listen for when you must be back to the ship, so the ship can move on.