Who is the most loathesome British royal of the past 50 years?



None? They all seem like pretty descent polite people if you ask me. Maybe I'd say Edward VIII, but he technically abdicated in 1936, so not sure, but sort of makes him be no longer royal, at least not in the past 50 years. Although if he still does count after his abdication, since he died in 1972, he would just barely make the cut, since that would be 46 years ago. But he was a Nazi sympathizer, so I would definitely have to go with him out of principle, if he counts. A lot of people knock Charles, but he loved Camilla and he should have just married her in the first place, and I don't put all the blame on him about that whole fiasco. His family totally disapproved of her, because she was his same age, and considered "too experienced" if you know what I mean, i.e., they thought she wasn't a virgin. But they were two peas in a pod, and Diana, although a beautiful virgin 13 years his junior, they didn't really ever have a very strong connection from the get go, definitely not like he had with his true love, Camilla. And then he gets even more guilt shaming because Diana then died and that was just so sad and tragic, but I think he takes more flack than he should for the whole thing, that really was not his fault. Don't get me wrong, he should have stuck by her and been the perfect prince, but nobody's perfect. But I wouldn't go so far to call him loathsome, especially considering the circumstances that got him there in the first place.


What a loaded question - one might say typical trolling. I don't KNOW any of the RF and so can't say any is 'loathesome'. You've had one answer that echos my feelings about that individual (the one you are targetting) so there's no point writing the same.


Probably, King Edward VIII, but of course he wasn't technically in the last 50 years, although he was certainly Royal.

Clo G.-B.

None--the most loathsome British royal dates past fifty years---Edward VIII.


Charles except for his environmental stuff


Prince Andrew...

Sir Prince Kenny

Charles without a doubt, not just because of the way he treated Diana and his disgusting affair with the Rottweiler, Camila but, also his pomposity, his holier than thou attitude and the way he makes it very clear, that people should do as he says, NOT what he does. In a very recent Poll, only 47% said they either liked him or were indifferent. 53% didn't like him at all.


I agree.....Charles. Hopefully his sons have seen his true colours.


Charles....married Diana to turn her into royal breeding stock all the while keep Camilla on the side