Why was Camilla Parker-Bowles not suitable to bear Prince Charles’ children? My gran says she had soiled reputation(slept with too many men)?

Is this why a 19 year old virgin was found, to be used instead to bear Prince Charles’ children and then was discarded?


More trash tabloid speculation. Simple fact is Charles never asked Camilla to marry him and so she married someone else.

Clo G.-B.

Your gran heard incorrect information. Camilla did not have a reputation of sleeping around. She was very interested in marrying Andrew Parker Bowles, whom she was dating. Andrew Parker Bowles, however, had a reputation of womanizing. For a very short time, Camilla dated Charles. He had just entered the Navy, and was not interested in settling down. He never had a chance of asking Camilla to marry him. Andrew Parker Bowles and Camilla Shand married during one of Charles' stints at sea.


There's no reason to believe that she was considered unsuitable. There's no reason to believe that Charles ever tried to marry her back in the early 70s. In fact, she was from a perfectly suitable background -- even titled on her mother's side -- and was exactly the sort of country gentlewoman type the Queen could appreciate. The relationship didn't become serious until it resumed in the late 70s, by which point Camilla was married and unavailable as a potential bride. No one "found" Diana. She quite happily presented herself and then willingly agreed to marry a man she barely knew.


Your gran said this are you sure about that I mean 100% sure. I think it was trolling you who said it.


Camilla was never deemed "unsuitable" to bear Charles' children, and she didn't have a "soiled" reputation. They were a steady couple during the years they were in their 20's and were reported to be in love with each other. Charles supposedly wanted to marry her, but he kept dragging his feet about proposing to her. Camilla got tired of waiting, and married another man. Diana was expected to bear his children if she married him, and she knew it.. Charles is Prince of Wales and a future King. One of HIS duties was to sire his own children to be his heirs. One of Diana's "jobs" as Princess of Wales was to bear those children. Cut out that "19-year-old virgin" stuff. We have no way of knowing whether she was or not. Only Charles and Diana knew the answer to that; and neither of them ever commented about it - one way or the other. A 19- or 20-year-old virgin in 1980's London would have been as rare as rocking horse poop.

Milk Tray Man

It wasn't really used, Diana was employed and knew exactly what the deal was, she just tried to alter it.