Would you want two of your grandchildren to marry each other? I wouldn’t. Would you?

It would be like the Queen Victoria/Prince Albert first-cousin marriage


It would be up to them.


chatquestions are not allowed here. marrying your full/first cousin is perfectly legal where I live

Milk Tray Man

It's not weird to them, just everyone else. Tampon fetishes are normal too.


You’re obsessed


Sweetheart, you do realize this happened almost 180 years ago? Of course you do. You're just desperate for topics, and then you flog them to death for want of anything substantive to offer. Sad, darling. I wonder how you earn a living? Must be quite a boring job.


First cousin marriage is rarely detrimental in terms of genetic abnormality until it becomes a societal norm as is seen in some South Asian communities. For some reason this myth has gained traction in the US along with others equally unsupported by evidence, such as the health benefits of male genital mutilation!


if they where going to become the rulers of the largest empire on earth weeeeeellllll