Best cruise line for Mississippi River?

I’m going to take a cruise (solo) in 2020 on the Mississippi. What cruise line is the best overall (excursions, comfort, staff, etc) ?

Rona Lachat

The staff on my trip were fantastic. I wonder if they are still employed there. Should I give you the crew names or just the ship they worked last year? I did not take every excursion as I was not interested in the particular thing that some o the excursions did. I cannot guess if you will enjoy the same things I did or like the same type of service I received. I was able to have service in MY language and not have to use English. Is that important to you? I cannot guess if the other passengers on your adventure will be people you want to get to know or would prefer to avoid. Are you expecting some sort of love boat adventure? The lower part are did you want a real adventure and go to Minneapolis?


You don't have many if any choices of cruise lines on the rivers. So you take what is offered. Doesn't sound like you have checked this out very well.