Is getting married on a cruise tacky?

Getting married in 2020 and a cruise seems affordable, but will it seem tacky or cheap to our guests?


It's very nice of you to pay all your guest's expenses to your nuptials. Most people would use that to buy a home, but you guys are generous I guess.


I think it is more of a question of is it practical. Are you paying for your guests rooms? If not, can they afford to attend your wedding?

John F

I think any kind of "destination wedding" is tacky. Even the least expensive cruise is several hundred dollars per person, plus airfare for most people. You really can't expect people to fork out that kind of money for "Your Big Day." Besides, do you really want all those people hanging around for the rest of your honeymoon?

Rona Lachat

Is it tacky? NO can be a real treat.if well planned. Seems affordable. REALLY and you have figured out what a typical guest would need to pay in order to attend? Their time off work travel to get to and from the ship back to their home. Some can afford to go and some cannot. Depending where this cruise is they made need to buy a Passport. The wedding event is an hour or two. What is it you expect all your guests to do the rest of the time, It can easily cost your guest many thousands to attend. Did plan things for the group to do before and after the wedding. WHO PAYS for what? When the ship docks at a Port Stop does the group go off on their own or stay together. doing something? WHO PAYS for that shore excursion? What if all the guests do not want to go scuba diving. Does Grandma just get to sit on ship and watch you play? How much would YOU PAY to be a guest at your friend's wedding on a different ship the month before or after YOUR special event. How about six months before or after your event? Of course you have unlimited vacation time off and can travel to weddings for days at a time. It can be done. It can be very nice. AFFORDABLE depends on the size of each persons wallet.


No, but it will be expensive for your guests. A destination wedding is cheap for you, but your savings are passed on to your guests. They're then paying for a trip that otherwise they wouldn't plan their self. Those who do want to go and can afford to, will. You can't be upset with someone for choosing not to attend. I can afford a cruise and while I'd be willing to go on one for a wedding, it also wouldn't be my first pick for a vacation. Aside from that, if they're parents unless they bring their kids with them they will have to figure out something for them. Not everyone gets paid vacations.


You can't get married on the ship because it is under the jurisdiction of a country where you don't have a license from.


Depends on the cruise. If you get married on a 3 night Carnival cruise to the Bahamas, it might be tacky. If you get married on a 7 night cruise, not so much, especially if you do it on Celebrity. A friend of mine got married on a 7 night Celebrity cruise. They did a back to back, stayed on the ship, and the second week was their honeymoon You have to consider who you are inviting. If you book through a decent travel agent, you should be able to get a group discount. It will still be a bit costly. Assuming your fiends aren't poor, it should be fine. Are you near enough to a port for people to drive? Airfare can be very expensive if everyone needs to fly to the port. And if you do it, don't get upset if some people can't go. Not everyone has the finances to afford it. I've seen several ship-board weddings, and everyone involved really had a great time.

Wayne T



If you have a destination or 'cruise' wedding, be aware that a number of your guests will decline to join you, for reasons of cost, holiday allowance etc. It might be better to save it for your honeymoon


No, it's not


1. No it's not tacky. 2. If your guests think it is tell them to walk the plank. 3. Have a good time, and stop caring about what your guests might want, it's your wedding. It's about what you want!


(Rooms should be affordable for guests to pay for on their own. Maybe less than 150$ per room that can fit at least 3 people... So they would be able to afford it on their own) Asker, you have no idea to what your talking about here. You do not know the pricing of a cruse and for sure never been on one. If I could find a cruse that the room was only $150 or less I'd be cruising all the time. All prices is per person to start with.