Things for adults to do on a disney cruise?


Greg: Same as any cruise

Same as any cruise: eat, drink, exercise, sunbathe, shop, sightsee, be alone together, watch movies, gamble, …


Gamble, dance, drink, tour when in port, take in stage shows, and of course have sumptuous meals. And the cool thing, when you have the kids along, the cruise staff will entertain them and look after them, while the parents can go off and do adult things.


Have sex


Shop Go on rides Have a quite meal


Dump the kids and lock your selves in your room and make a few then eat and drink a bit.


Eat, drink, hang out at the pool, and enjoy themselves knowing their kids are having a good time. One of the less thrilling aspects of family vacations is spending every waking minute keeping an eye on your kids, especially at the beach. IT's part of the job. When you go on a cruise, they have kids' clubs, and the kids usually love them. So your kids have a great time, and you get to have a vacation too. I never did a Disney cruise as I'm not a fan of Disney in general, and their cruises are the most expensive among mainstream cruise lines. But I know adults without kids who go on them because of the high quality.


That's the issue with cruising, nothing to do, and "everything " to do, depending on your definition. Lots of people like the idea of relaxing, reading a book, napping all day. Doing nothing can be refreshing to some people. Others say that there's lots to do, citing shows, buffets, casinos, booze, port visits, shopping... Basically they're saying that the ship like your hotel in Vegas, with the added convenience of prepaid buffet meals.


Hold everyone hostage




Find a good strip club.

Max Hoopla

Watch the kids.


Eat, drink, screw.

Den B7

dump the kids and bump ugly invite Snow White in for some 3-way action


Have carnal knowledge of each other


Hand the kids off to the help for the afternoon and then go get plastered at the bar.


There is a place for adults to get messages.