Anyone knows what it means to get yedek in Istanbul University Admission?



Mr Google said yedek means "standby", "back-up" or "reserve". This seems to say "admitted but not yet". Perhaps if 1000 (or any number) students are admitted, 1015 have qualified, as you have, and 50 are no shows, you will enter. If all 1015 stay available to enter the university, they just won't have place for everyone. Can you contact the university for the EXACT meaning? Translations of yedek NounFrequency replacement yedek, değiştirme, yerine koyma, protez, yerine geçen kimse backup yedek, destek, yardım, trafik sıkışıklığı reserve rezerv, yedek, ihtiyat, kaynak, stok, fon refill yedek, doldurma, iç reservist yedek reserve service ihtiyat, yedek stand-by