Are many "Russians" actually "Nordic people" from Scandinavia? which percentage probably are "Nordic" or at least mostly so?

and how compared to the percentage of Russians who are "Turkic" or molsty Turkic? (referring to the people from the grass lands extending all the way to China) and what really are "Slavic" people?


Must be American as another race & ethnicity question....? Russians..


And some of them are Mongolian.


Finns originated from Finno-Ugric, Russia's Ural peoples. " The original home of the Finno-Ugric peoples is generally believed to be west of the Ural Mountains, in the area of Udmurtia, Perm, Mordva and Mari-El. By 3000 BC, the Baltic-Finnic groups had migrated west to the shores of the Baltic Sea."


the same race as the slavs both of the groups are Indo Europeans. They have indo-iranian influences

W.T. Door

The part of Russia called Karelia is Nordic, and most of the population is of Scandinavian (specifically Finnish) ancestry: Most of the population of "European Russia" (west of the Urals) is Slavic. Some of the Russian population close to the Baltic is Turkic.