Holiday Destination for a couple?!?

So it's my partners birthday in may and he's turning 21! I didn't really make an effort last year due to me being in some financial difficulty. This year I'm finally in a good place and really want to take him away for his birthday! At the moment I'm thinking Iceland, Capri in italy, or Lisbon in Portugal but I'm open to any affordable, fun, hot or cold, Romantic or not, European destinations. Im not bothered at all if they are well known places, or completely off the grid! We're both pretty adventurous and open to exploring new places and finding hidden gems! Any help or ideas for inspiration would be greatly appreciated! Holiday Destination for a Couple?! - 4-7 nights, live outside london, £1500 for 2 max


Lisbon is a nice city and Estoril is nearby on the coast.

Rona Lachat

So I should just list off a bunch of places from a map? WHEN WHAT WHO WHERE WHY Where are you starting from. I doubt you live at and Airport or Train station. WHEN Specify something. At least for how long a few days , a week or what? What is it you really want to do other than cuddle in some Hotel room. WHAT is your reasonable Budget? € 100 per day or 200 per day is that each or total. Air fare plus sleeping place plus food plus entertainment total reasonable expected Budget you can afford to spend. Eating out every meal is much more expensive than getting a few items and making a simple meal for in your room or a picnic style meal for an adventure. Go hiking, wander in the forest, wander down high street, explore some historic place, explore on a bike the area, Get a wee bit of education like winery tour and cooking instruction adventure. WHO are you as in you are hikers, history buffs, want a nearby place to party EVERY place has a bar to get drunk. Iceland at this time does have many low cost things to explore. finding hidden gems OF course I shall list them all here so that thousands of others can descend on them before you get there. Your special place is YOUR special place , be that the bed and breakfast you sleep at, some special place you find for a meal or that special scenic place you venture off to for some adult fun in the woods.Did you want everyone else to know this place so they can watch you with their cameras? If you seriously cannot decide o which country and do not care if it is the warm sunny beach or some snow covered adventure try the standby method or throwing a dart at a map of Europe and going there. You can turn it around and toss at the blank side of the paper map. Indoor ski hill near Dusseldorf The big cities are easier to get to and more expensive to sleep in. How long do you plan to look out the window of your room at view.? You can save a lot staying at the place a few hundred meters down the road with a not so nice view out the window. Maybe a winter special event is your destination Maybe you both are into Jazz style music. Good luck in your planing. Not much point in listing off a hundred places out of your budget or another list of places of no interest to either of you. You could look at your nearby Airport and see what destinations are easy to get to.and in your travel budget.Try to avoid travel on the higher priced days. An extra day off work with out pay may work out for a cheaper fare. Suggest you get some help from a travel agent to arrange a package deal. Your travel, a place to sleep and few activities at destination. It does not cost much to arrange ahead of time some arrival treat to be in your room. As it is a birthday present maybe it is just a small birthday cake to start your adventure. Some chocolate covered Strawberries and chilled beverage? Or what it is you think would be a nice treat for arrival. Does this adventure have to be in MAY? After mid May expect higher prices for the summer tourist season. April to mid May lower prices as it is still low season.

Rick B

It would certainly help to know where you live, what your budget is, and how long you plan to stay.