Is $5622 expensive for a two week Greek vacation for 4 people?

I am dying to go to Greece so i was doing a little looking, and i went a little overboard and came up with a vacation that costs $5622. It is 2 nights in Athens, 4 nights in Santorini, 3 nights in Zakynthos and 5 nights in Skopelos. I factored in everything except for a rental car. Flights, hotels, and food. The flights are also round trip.

Karen L

Depends where you are flying from. If you're coming from Japan, it's a hell of a deal. If you're coming from Italy, not so much.

Rona Lachat

At $100 per day per person that is a CHEAP price. It is a nice holiday NOT A FIRST CLASS one. Renting a car is possible. Of course the driving part may not be what you are used too. SPECIFY if want a car with Automatic Transmission. A holiday not a good time to learn how to drive a manual. Warning a fancy night out with gourmet meals and drinks can blow your budget. As a group of four with car not hard to get some food to make your own picnic style meal for your daytime excursions. Verify if it is four adults in one room or you have one room for each couple. I factored in everything except for a rental car. Cost of gas,TOLLS PARKING Can be a walk from the parking place to your intended place of interest. Some hotels charge extra to park a car. VERIFY what the cost may be. It is a good idea to have your last night NEAR the Airport. No need to be racing to the car rental return place and then rush off to your flight. Return the car the day before and use the Hotel shuttle to the Airport. You DO NOT have to rent a car only at the Airport. Look around for other locations to pick up a car. You do not need a car your first day getting from Airport to your Athens Hotel. I honestly think you are underestimating your expenses. Admission fees to sights, a few bottles of water everyday you can refill at your hotel. souvenirs , entertainment of some sort. Are ALL four people doing everything together 24/7 or have you planned a few times when the group splits up for a bit.


$1405 per person for two weeks all inclusive sounds like a really good deal. Especially as your flight will be transatlantic. Remember to pack light or the transfers will be a nightmare! Taxis are cheap in the Greek Islands especially for four and you can haggle too. Buses are frequent and cheap. My bet is it will be a brilliant holiday. The Greeks are honest and hospitable. Try Greek food in the local Tavernas for real authenticity. Try Metaxa too. Yamas!


Looks suspiciously cheap at a touch over $100 per person per day.


I would like to join u please

korina Athens

Try Kythnos, Symi or Crete or Milos islands!!!!


It's a lot of hopping around. Why not choose a one centre holiday, maybe two? You won't have time to relax.


I would forget Santorini. Just been there. It is a big Tourist Trap. I would spend more time in Athens or driving around the country side outside of Athens. You want to see something very different and not a tourist trap? Go Visit Meteora North of Athens