Is it true that Russia got warmer winters and softer climate last years?



This year is particularly warm, with ONLY 3 days below -20C so far. Usually our son is glad to see 30s predicted as school closes at -30C. One year the Kama River did not freeze over until Jan 26, This year it still has spots of water (could be industrial, but they are far from the city) 3-5 years ago December 1 saw flowers STILL in bloom is yards by the tall apartments. In the first 15 years of my Russian winters, these events were unheard of. This is roughly 55 degrees north and 55 degrees east. EDIT: I must add that along with the "warm" non -30 temperatures, we had no above freezing readings. We "always" get +2C, +3 in December and January. I think we had -5C as the warmest since Nov.29; so that was a cold "warm". Zero (freezing point Celsius), had been predicted as was some -28s and -30s but neither extreme materialized. The near freezing point is VERY dangerous as ice can fall from 5 story and taller buildings and can be lethal. Crews remove gigantic icicles every now and then. (about a week ago). -30C is predicted for Feb 11, but it will likely be changed as we near that date. It is too far in the future to be accurate.

Michal Sychra

Yes. There are great areas in Siberia where there is already no permafrost and the bones of prehistoric animals are found there.