My aunty's trying to scare me saying there's a national warning in Turkey and that there's currently a national warning. Is this true?

I think she's just trying to scare me because I want to get my teeth done there because it's cheaper. She said that her friend lives there (another lie. She has no friends in Turkey. Not even on Facebook) and that he sent her a text warning her not to go to Turkey right now because it isn't safe. I told her that Antalya is a tourist hotspot and that everyone goes there for holidays and it's perfectly safe and she said there's NO WAY she's going there (even though I told her I'd pay for her to come along). Sorry about the repetitive heading. I didn't notice. XD Sorry about the repetitive heading. I didn't notice. XD


The part of Turkey around the capitol is fine. It's the part bordering on Syria that's a bit dangerous. It should be perfectly ok to go there. Although a lot of Americans go to Mexico for dental care. There are excellent dentists in places like Leon who specialize in treating people from the US. It's quite safe there- that's not where the drug cartels are.


Turkey is a turbulent country at the moment. For one thing it borders Syria! Secondly its leader Recep Erdogan has many opponents and unrest is rife. Antalya is as safe as anywhere in Turkey can be, given its political regime and its proximity to one of the world's biggest trouble spots. I think you'd be ok, but I don't think you should completely ignore your aunt's warning. Cheap isn't always best.

Orla C

If it weren't safe, it would be all over the news. Your aunt is mistaken.


Turkey is currently under a general travel advisory for terrorist activity. Its not across the whole country, but seemingly safe areas with a high tourist population are high value targets for terror attacks. Id avoid the area if you can.