What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Tomsk, Russia? What should you try while you're there?



A restaurant in Russia is often a place to dress up, eat, dance, and stay 3-4 hours. A cafe is a place to eat. A cafeteria is cheaper and the food is just as good. Try anything that you never heard of; as well as those you may have heard of: borsch (the Ukrainian beet soup), pelmini, blinni, herring in a fur coat, various cakes, cabbage pies, meat pies. Chicken Kiev. Gorsochka (gar SOCH ka) is a crock pot filled with meat, potatoes, carrots, etc and served for one person. I can't say any one restaurant or cafe, as they surely have changed recently. All Russia in new, compared to 5 (or 2) years ago. (on the map is cafe Kompot but reviews say a seafood store is there, now) Go to a map of Tomsk and click on any cafe or restaurant and see the reviews. Radkhika seems to be vegetarian, has good reviews. Kolizey is another.