A question for French people concerning universal healthcare?

Please tell me how you feel about your universal healthcare. Are there any problems with it? On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate your universal healthcare?


It is called CMU here / France ( Couverture Maladie Universelle / Universal Health Coverage (literally) and it is for people who have low resources and residing in France, in a stable and regular way. I know people who have it and they don't have problem with it, even if you need to go in a hospital. Moreover it is not reimbursable to the government, once their income is better. They say the rate is: 5/5

Orla C

They wouldn't say anything positive about it until it's taken away from them.


I see no particular problem with our universal healthcare system. It's fair, it's flexible enough to adapt to unusual situations, and it works very well. Maybe the lack of proximity doctors in some villages that are not close enough to big cities, but I don't think that's particularly due to the healthcare system. It's more due to the lack of attraction of those areas. The only thing that bothers me is something about the carte vitale. You can update it at a doctor's office or in a pharmacy, it takes only 30 seconds. But I almost never need to go to the doctor or to a pharmacy, because I'm rarely ever sick, and when I am, it's simply a cold or a gastroenteritis. So when I go change the lenses of my glasses, they tell me I need to go update my carte vitale first if I want to be reimbursed, because it hasn't been updated in more than one year. That's mildly annoying, but not really a big problem. It would be better if you could update it at the optician's. This is a useless rating because the scale you're proposing has no comparison points, but I would say 5/5. Basically, I'm satisfied with our system.