Best hotel and food?

My family and I are going to Paris in June for the World Cup and I was wondering what the best hotels and restaurants are in Paris, France


Do you not have a hotel booked? There are thousands of hotels, big and small, in Paris. We usually rent an apartment through VRBO or AirB&B. It's a better option with children because you have a kitchen where you can fix breakfast. As for restaurants- Holy Cow! There are restaurants everywhere. What do you want? How much do you want to spend? You can eat in a nice restaurant with a prix fixe meal (3 courses) for 15-20 euros. Or you can go to someplace historic like Guy Savoy and spend hundreds. Here's a site with a list of good restaurants. But most people just find someplace near wherever they are- it's hard to go wrong with restaurants in Paris.

Catherine: Try these links ( hotels): https

Try these links ( hotels): Restaurants: I don't live in Paris since I'm in the south west, but you're welcome to France!


Sorry to tell you this, but with the World Cup in town, the best hotels were booked up long ago. Maybe consider an Airbnb?