Does anyone know what yellow vests is supposed to represent for protesters? Someone said the government says everyone must have one. Huh?


Rona Lachat

Bureaucrats making petty rules that cost the individual money and make some private company that has connections to those that make rules lots of money. Governments around the world create many ways to collect a little more from the citizens. the protest is how they spend .this extra fee and that it keeps increasing. For France it is just a symbol all drivers must have in their cars.and government intrusion into the day to day use of the citizen wallet contents. NO ONE likes more taxes. The yellow jacket is spreading around the world. The people are getting fed up with the ruling class.and how their taxes are collected and spent. the initial protest was for an increase in the gas tax.It was a 23% increase. Many other fees. taxes and basic living costs have been increasing the last while. Wages are not keeping up. The violent add on are just the few that come to cause damage at any protest march. The English saying the straw that broke the camels back comes to mind. The French taxpayers wallet wants to keep some of their hard earned money. The protest is for both the tax increase and never ending spending by government on some new project. The increase in tax add to the price of everything one needs to buy. Just like sales tax does. You do not see the fuel tax on your bag of groceries you just see they cost more. You see the fuel tax every time you need to buy more fuel.Basic sales tax is 20% in France. fuel tax is just more tax. Price of gas in France is over $6.00 per gallon in peaked at about $6.77 and is now about $6.18 per gallon. Not the highest price in Europe. About 60% of the price of gas in France is TAX edit to comment Rioters are usually anarchists they are not stupid and hide behind masks and blend in with protesters of the day and escape with their mask off.. Imbecile is not quite the best word to describe these dregs of society.


Vehicles are required to have them in plain sight. The people consider it a great example of stupid repressive laws.


Every motor vehicle in France must carry a 'yellow vest' - thus if a vehicle needs a wheel change on the highway, the driver can put on the 'yellow vest' and be easily seen while changing the wheel etc. (Punture thing). In Paris the Yellow Vest is being used by both Right and Left activists to show unity in their oposition to their government. More re Yellow Vests


Every motor vehicle in France must have a reflective yellow vest or jacket which is easily accessible from inside the vehicle. The idea is to prevent death and injury to motorists who have broken down being hit by other vehicles. They aren't protesting against the yellow jackets, but against fuel taxes. Presumably the yellow jackets are a symbol of the government's laws on motorists.

Catherine: The peaceful demonstrators called

The peaceful demonstrators called: Yellow Jackets, put it as a sign of rallying. That is to say the fact that the French president Macron, wanted to add a new tax on our already heavily taxed fuel ( currently at 60%), triggered the demonstrations and the yellow jackets are linked to the cars, for the reasons I mentioned down ( safety). Anyway the peaceful demonstrators mustn't be confused with the rioters, who come only for burn / break everything in the streets and ruin the peaceful demonstrations. The rioters are easily recognizable because although some of them have yellow jackets, their faces are hidden with scarfs, masks, helmets, etc.. As for the same yellow jackets (clothes) we must to have in our cars and trucks in France, it's only in case the car has a problem on the road (breakdown). It's for our security, when we are outside the vehicle. But this has nothing to do with the demonstrators. It's only for safety reasons. We are supposed to have them in our cars here.


The government passed a law saying they're required to have a yellow vest in their cars at all times. Not sure what the reason is. Maybe their prime minister has a daughter who makes yellow vests.


every driver in france must have a yellow reflective vest in their car or truck