Is France the Mexico of Europe?

No refugees ever want to stay in France. They heard up around Calais and try to sneak into the U.K.


Pakistan and the continent of Africa is the Mexico of Europe. I prefer Mexico itself.


No that would be Russia


No, Greece is. Many refugees enter Europe through Greece but none want to stay there.

boy boy

if the uk was less lenient in giving help then this issue would never have arisen ...


Who in their right mind wants to live in a country like France? Look at the riots in Paris an endless succession of them and then read about their so'called 'revolution' during which some 40,000 French men and women were beheaded in Paris. France is vile and so too are the Frogs who live there. Rude wine swilling cheese eating garlic stinkers.


I don't think we can say that, but it's true that most refugees try to reach UK, although they don't want to host them. It's David Cameron who decided that, before he leaves...


Sort of Why would you stay in France when you've spent years learning English and have friends/relatives in England?

Orla C

You sure about that?


I think you misspelled “Romania.”


France is full of refugees. Where have you been?


All they do is drink wine, eat cheese and smoke Gitanes. Go to work!