Is it true that when I go to Paris, I wont see European culture?


westville sal

Paris, France, is in Europe. Each European country has a different culture.


You will see FRENCH culture, not the Spanish one, or Polish, one, etc.. Europe is not a country. It's a continent with many countries inside and they have their own culture individually.

John P

Wherever you go in Europe you will see only the culture of that part of Europe. Indeed some parts of culture might be called "European" as opposed to African or Asian, etc. But there is not a uniform set of cultural norms all across Europe.


I believe you will with the right tool. Check out Jetzy, which is an travel interest social app. From there, you could message locals from Paris to get recommendations and ideas that only locals would know. There is even a cultures and arts section which you could filter for only those relating posts.

Orla C

Not true at all. Paris is HEAVING with Parisian, French, and other cultures, mostly European.




Don't be absurd. Paris is in France. France is in Europe. By definition, this is a European area. You'll find French culture. Europe is a massive area, without a single culture.


I'll remind you again, it's a luxury for many people to see Europe, so be grateful for the chance. Having negative expectations of a place is going to make you like it even less. You need to give a city a chance, by exploring all parts ,including the non-touristy parts. Either you'll be disappointed or pleasantly surprised, but you'll be able to say that you've been there, how cool is that! Or you don't limit yourself and do some research on other parts of France. Visit a library to look at all the different travel books about France. Learn more about the different regions of the country, in regards to their history, architecture and scenery. Plan to visit those regions and cities as well. The thing with travel in any country, is that there is history and culture outside the capital cities, if you are bothered actually exploring those areas. Don't explore the world with a open mind and you'll miss out on a lot in life and have a less enjoyable time, not a good idea!


You will see Parisian culture


That's false and whoever told you that probably can't even say " Merci ".



I Like Stories

I'll second the Roma comment. Was a victim of their's while'st changing trains at Montparnasse'. Europeans think America has such a crime problem, they have their crime problems too.


You will but you might be pickpocketed by Roma gypsies who crossed the borders from East Europe when the EU removed them. Google Roma gypsies robbery Paris, Versailles, Louvres. Also there are Africans everywhere


No it isn't. You will see more European culture in less touristic cities though

Handsome one

Mid eastern maybe

Guru Hank

Much better for you to go to Paris, Texas. Instead.


The French call it culture. They're Europeans. Personally, I call it a rip off city, populated by frogs.