Paris train information?

Me and my husband are going CDG airport and we will go to Disneyland and then Paris. I would like to know approximetely the prices and if available alternative ways of transport from: 1. CDG to Disneyland 2. Disnayland to Paris 3. Paris to CDG


The airport and Disneyland are fairly close to each other, but the best train route is circuitous, involving 2 changes in the center of Paris. Maybe take a cab. To get from Disneyland to Paris take the RER A commuter train located right at the entrance gates to a central Paris station and transfer to the Metro if you want to get closer to your destination. It’s easy as the Disneyland station is the end of the line. To get to the airport from Paris, take the Metro to an RER station on Line B, which there aren’t as many of in central Paris as the other lines, the main central stations on that line are Gare Du Nord, Chatelet Les Halles, and St.-Michel Notre Dame. Then, take an RER B3 train to the end of the line, which is the airport. Enjoy your trip!

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Go to the SNCF website. That will tell you the times of the trains, the prices and can sell you a ticket.