What are safe places in Paris?

I want non biased answers


There are no safe places in Paris. Paris is an unsafe shitty place which is too much overrated.

Orla C

Most of it is safe. If you see a lot of yellow vests in an area, proceed with caution.


Your home.


Paris is much safer than most places in the US. You probably don't want to be in the vicinity of the yellow jacket protests, although those are dying down. I've been in Paris during protests- most are perfectly peaceful and don't affect the main tourist areas.


Peaceful demonstrations are over, excepted next Saturday (maybe), yet they happen around Elysée Palace, Arc de Triomphe, etc... Don't be around when it happens, because of there are the rioters, who come only for break and burn everything, additionally ruin the peaceful demonstrations... Anyway you're welcome in France / Paris!