Why did Kate and Meghan dress so drably as they trooped glumly to church on Christmas? Is it because they can’t stand each other’s company?



Kate's coat was nicely tailored to her form and Meghan is preggers, a time when all women tend to wear a more draping fit. They also appear to be smiling and joking with each other, so stop trying to start trouble where it doesn't appear to exist.

Clo G.-B.

They were not dressed "drably." They both wore seasonally-appropriate colors. The media wishes to sell their rags and are the ones who are cooking up the story of a rivalry where there is none. Catherine and Meghan can stand one another, are not fighting; they are friendly without being the best of friends. Each woman is in a different phase in their lives and their needs and tastes differ. Catherine is a future Queen Consort, destined to a public life. She is also mother to a future king. There are things that she must do to fulfill her role as wife, mother, future queen consort that have nothing in common to Meghan's goals. Meghan is not going to be queen consort. Her children will not be royally titled, but titled as the children of a duke. Her children will be able to lead more private lives as James, Viscount Severn, Lady Louis Windsor, Edward's children, are leading. Meghan is just setting up her household, learning her new role as a royal duchess. She needs to figure out what her patronages, charities, foundations will be. She has to learn about palace life and intrigue, how to fit in, work with an institution that is not always welcoming to new comers.

Jas B

Since when is a coat the rich colour of burgundy drab? Plus as the 42 photos of the two couples arriving at church in the link below show the idea that the two women can't stand each other does not stand up to scrutiny.


That's right, hating each other has reduced their capacity to enjoy colour.


Kate looked beautiful


I don't think Kate looked drab. Her coat was a nice colour for a wintry day. I don't think Meghan has any idea about fashion and colours. I rarely like what she wears. Whether they like each other, who really cares except for Mail Online who've been stirring the pot about it on a daily basis.


Rubbish, or spiteful imagination.


They were smiling and talking to each other.

Sir Prince Kenny

Diana was criticised for being too glamorous and now Meghan and Kate for the opposite reason, damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Chicken George in tweed

Why would the Jewish one be going to church, no wonder she looked grim


it says in the bible for woman to dress modestly at church


Only the armed forces troop to church not the royal family.


Drably? They were going to and coming from CHURCH..... what did you expect them to be wearing. OK Meghan's dark navy was a little somber, but I suppose she was trying to minimise the impact of her being heavily pregnant (some time in the Spring - yeah right). There didn't seem to be any animosity towards each other (Caltherine and Meghan). This is all being stirred up by the blasted media. I wish Charles and Harry would refrain from putting their hands in their coat pockets however.

Baron Clownish

Princesses have to look dowdy so as not to make Princess Royal feel awkward.


Who knows, or cares! since they lied for years about charles and diana's marriage i do not believe anything that the royals say.


Something like that. I'll bet neither wore knickers!


They hate each other with a passion. In fact on New Years Day they will be top less mud wrestling in Buckingham palace forecourt, and the winner gets to be Queen of England. That's how our current queen got the job.