Any decent restaurant inside or within walking distance of Frankfurt Germany airport?

I’ll have a 7 hour layover there. I speak zero German, so I’d like to stay close. Haha.

Snake Bait

Better to just eat inside the airport. Truly

Karen L

Don't worry about not speaking German. Most Germans under 50 speak at least some English and many are fluent, especially those who work in travel-related jobs. Even German 'fast food' is better than in many places. I never got poor food in Germany, even in train station cafes.


Not really a restaurant, but the bakery counter “Traditional Bakery” had the best croissant i’ve ever had.

Orla C

Frankfurt am Main airport is enormous, there are very likely to be several good restaurants there.


Below, found via google... Viel Spaß (have fun) - prounouced “feel spass” - you just learned some German