Do you believe Hitler was right?


Kim R

Right about killing himself; wrong for not doing it in 1939.

Larry C


Weasel McWeasel

If he was right, you'd be speaking German today. You're not. So no, he wasn't right.


Nein !


Yes. Far right.


Obama's friends the Iranians and the Palestinians think he was .


In murdering legal Jewish-German citizens? 😂 Give me a break.


Yes, here in Europe Muslim Africans and Pakistanis are attacking us since 1948, and we are jailed for saying we do not want them


Hitler was a new member to a radical party called the National Socialists. It was their ideas in the beginning and Hitler became the spokesperson as he believed in that parties view's . So did many other Germans except they were afraid to say it. That party started with like 2 members and in a few years got 95% of the German vote which is a dramatic rise for any party. Germany was letting go of the feudal system and was being a democracy(run by the people for the people) so the Conservative really dropped out of the race. Nazism was taking hold(Hitler learned from Mussolini and Fascism is a slower form of Nazism. Hitler used the military to get stuff done (which is Nazism)...military enforced and the confiscation of land and properties without proper consultation and forcing buy outs without proper compensation. - - - ? Right now as I write, I worry about the U.S. for what is Trump doing? Looks like "history is repeating itself"


Do you think it was right, that they let die my sister in Feb 1945 because my mom refused to become a NAZI-maid 1933?


He was 'right' in providing jobs for the German people when he first arrived on the scene. But like too many highly successful people in power, he just went nuts, trying to produce a Master Race which meant only blue-eyed blonds who were physically 'perfect'. Hence wiping out Jews, Gypsies, Gays and the mentally challenged. And all the other ghastly things the Nazis got up to. Ultimately he was VERY FAR from 'right'