Is Germany safe to travel to?

I met this German guy online and we talked and FaceTimed. I really want to meet him and I’ve always wanted to go to Europe anyway. Is it safe for a 22 year old American woman to travel to Germany by herself? I’ve never been out of the country.

Rona Lachat

There are about 200 countries on the planet you can travel to. In terms of safety for you it is probably much safer than many places in the US. It is not a good idea to travel anywhere to meet some mystery internet person. Most tourist do not have issues when they travel. Being staggering drunk on a Berlin street at 3:00 AM is not a good idea also not a good idea in the USA. What are you expecting? A mugger on every corner? Suggest you have your own place to sleep and pay your own expenses for your first adventure. Violent crime is rare in Germany, but can occur, especially in larger cities or high-risk areas such as on large metropolitan subway systems and in train stations, primarily during late night or early morning hours. Most incidents of street crime involve the theft of unattended items and pick-pocketing. Pay close attention to your valuables at all times. Some reason in particular you cannot go on a group tour for part of your time with other young people. Contiki has been arranging young persons travel for over 50 years. This place rates Germany as a safer place for women to travel than the USA. You might be surprised to learn the world outside the USA is very different and not quite like the 20 or 30 second news clips you see every few months of some tragic event .Suggest you not wander in the Red Light Districts.

Orla C

You'd be going on your own? Be sure to meet this man in a public place, do not give him details of where you are staying until you are sure he is who and what he says he is.


Germany is one of the safest countries on the planet. But you really should insist that guy come to your country first.


question for you in return If this relationship means anything to him , why is he not coming to USA always smell a rat when the man wants you to go away from your security as many are just spiders catching out girls to be made to work in brothels


Yes, if you want to be sold into sex slavery or have your organs removed and sold on the black market


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