Is Prince Charles’ current marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles evidence that Diana was correct about the long affair Charles had with Camilla? affair that went on throughout the marriage to Diana?


Why are you still asking this in 2019? All of this was known years ago.


Even if it's 'evidence' (which it's not!!) - is that NEEDED any longer - after how many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles should have been able to marry her from the get-go. Not get into a tragically wrong marriage with Diana. I think his marriage to Camilla only proves that. They have come full circle. I've been watching a couple of very interesting docs. this week. One on Harry and how difficult his younger years were, and now halfway through one about Camilla. Equally revealing, if only part-way true!!


It is nothing of the sort.

Clo G.-B.

No, it does not. Charles met Camilla in the 1970's and struck up a friendship before embarking on an affair---way before Diana appeared on the scene. Charles ended the affair with Camilla when he married Diana, but rekindled the affair sometime after the birth of Harry. The history of the Charles-Diana marriage and Charles' affair has been pretty well documented by credible authors. Diana wanted sympathy and portrayed herself as a victim before Charles actually began his affair--she was accusing Charles of infidelity years before he did cheat on her. Charles' current marriage is not evidentiary--- many people carry out affairs and don't marry their lovers. And, there already is evidence that both Charles and Diana had affairs since they both admitted to doing so. There is no need to create a story---but you just are obsessed with the subject and unable to accept facts. Diana and Charles both were responsible for the collapse of their marriage.


Not very good at logical thinking, are you dear? Of course you're not. While I happen to think that Charles resumed his relationship with Camilla relatively early -- certainly by 1985 at the very latest -- his current marriage to Camilla says nothing at all about when that happened. Moreover, who denies that Charles and Camilla had an affair? Obviously they did. Water under the bridge, though. I wonder why you're still so obsessed with the subject? It looks a bit -- odd.

Truth is within you

Why are affairs in royalty or Hollywood important?


Diana was correct , and this led to her death, that's why its important.