I feel like I love this girl but not sure she feels the same way.?

Okay so this is a long one so hear me out. . We have been friends for a while (5 years) but recently have gotten really really close. I got out of a relationship with a girl about 5 months back. It was a bad relationship that should’ve ended a while before that but all love and feelings were lost in there and I was ready to move on. Fast forward she hasn’t had the best luck with guys. The one guy she dated for a good while just ended the relationship out of nowhere and left her in a really bad place. She has moved on from him and they’ve been broken up for a good year now probably. Me and her would always talk and like hangout in group scenarios but I had a girl and so things never escalated but she always seemed really flirty with me. Fast forward to now I normally have parties and stuff and I always invite her to them. Shes such a amazing, sweet, funny girl and I love just talking with her and being around her. For some reason like the past maybe 4 get togethers I’ve had me and her have always seemed to hook up. No sex but basically everything else. It was a shock to me because I never thought she’d do that with me because she made the first move on me from the start. Like I’m really like careful with making the first move on girls because I don’t know if they will reciprocate it well or if they’re into me but she made the first move on me. So that was the start and that continued for the next few parties so within a span of maybe 4 months.




part 2 continued. and her don’t really hangout one on one because she’s busy most the time and so am I but when we do there’s always that connection between us that I can’t explain. She has told me in the past that she’s scared to date me because she wouldn’t want to ruin me and hers friendship if we broke up and that she might be going out of state for something so she said she doesn’t know if she can do long distance and it would be hard on both of us. Like it’s not a for sure thing she will be leaving out of state for a little while but there’s that possibility. She never fully ruled out me and her dating tho she’s always never said “no we can’t date” or hasn’t tried to just avoid it she’s always left the door open saying “we can go with the flow and whatever situation happens we can talk about it”. She sends me a lot of mixed signals because sometimes me and her may not talk for a couple days and just not speak but than something gets brought up and me and her start talking agai