I’m torn between two people help!?

I’m bisexual and I like a girl and boy. So I have my best friend Claire who I have been friends with for a year and a half and I always tell her that if she liked girls that I would be all over her, but I always flirt with her and she just laughs it off. But recently I started talking to a boy name Ben, ben and I really hit it off that I wanted Claire to meet him. The day we all got together we went to an aquarium, Claire would always want me to be near her and follow her that Ben felt as though he was third wheeling. But upon driving home I couldn’t help but stare at Claire in the back seat dancing and singing to the music and she was smiling back. Once we dropped Ben off I was supposed to just take Claire home and go back to his house that Claire didn’t want me to go. So I asked her if she liked me and if she wanted it to be just us. She didn’t say anything and just looked away. I then asked if I could take her out on a date and surprisingly she said yes... that night she acted like she always was waiting for me to ask her out. Which made no sense bc I did. The date went extremely well we didn’t kiss or anything but when I brought it up she said we’re going to Florida we can then. Which made extremely happy! But I can’t help but feel I’m missing a great opportunity with Ben and could ruin a great friendship with Claire. What should I do? Please don’t tell me to follow my heart, I need some rational advice! Thank you!!!


no you aren't If Claire doesn't want to make out with you, she doesn't see you that way