Why isn’t India as developed as other countries?



Because it is a country of barbarian rapist

boy boy

greed ..by politicians and influential businessmen ..they like the extreme difference between rich and poor ...the indian people are very submissive ..except when it comes to religion ..the average man is lazy ..women do all the work

Adullah M

When we say developed for human being ,its mean in two dimensions ie; spiritual as well as material . For material development or concrete things , we could see and make use of it at instant , but for spiritual development ,it is abstract that can not be seen, as of material, but we can see through its old civilization of that countries, like India , China , Iraq, Iran and Egypt .Those four Civilizations of the world are really the hard core of our modern technological world as we see and called developed world. Then to look at human development, one must view through its both dimensions ,ie; spiritual as well as materialistic point of views. How can mankind become progressive in Science and Technology as to day world, with out calculation on the base of ten

The Lord Humungus.

Too many people.


Only whites make superior societies