I am an American. I flew threw Ireland where my family on my moms side came from 4 generations ago. Im thinking of moving to Ireland....?

Thoughts? Should I? I met some really friendly people when i was there. Impressed me.


You won't qualify for a visa to live and work in Ireland based on a distant Irish ancestor. You'd need to prove that you have skills that are of use to Ireland, a potential employer would need to satisfy the immigration authorities why they should give the job to an American, instead of an Irish or EU citizen. Do you have a masters degree in a STEM or medical field? Do you have at least five years' post-graduate experience working in that field?


On what visa do you intend to move? Visiting as a tourist is not the same as moving permanently.

Orla C

You can't just up and move to Ireland simply because you feel like it. You would need to have a parent or grandparent from there who were still citizens of Ireland when you were born, and you would need the documentation to prove it. You would require a visa. And visas are not easy to get.


You chose your own answer so you must be a troll? You can just move to Ireland.


Yes it's the best country in the world tal32


Spend more time there to check the place out before making big decisions.


If you can find good work...do it.


Why not go for a long visit?

Steven S



How will you get a visa?


Ye it’s a great place to live and Ireland loves America and Americans 🇮🇪❤️🇺🇸


I would think more about this if I were you, ireland really doesn’t have a lot going for it realistically. It’s a very poor and derelict country, excluding Dublin. Dublin has more immigrants than it does native Dubliners almost, they let virtually anyone move there and so you would have no trouble getting a visa. But if I were you, I would move to U.K. instead, I live in Northern Ireland and it is a much better country, it’s cleaner, more modern, more people, has NHS free healthcare, and it is much cheaper to live in than Dublin, Belfast is a nicer city and much safer also. You could also consider other places in Britain, e.g. London? The global finance trade centre? There are hundreds of other cities and small-large towns you could consider and you would have much better opportunities than you would in Ireland. If I were you though, I would either consider staying in USA and moving to NYC or U.K. I wouldn’t advise Ireland to anyone to be honest.

Good Man

Yes , go there . U wil be happier there than USA