Is $1000 sufficient for this trip?

Want to go to Ireland next year from Toronto, looking to fly from Toronto to Dublin, then spend 2 nights in Dublin before heading up to Belfast for 1 night, then going along the northern Ireland coast to see Giant's Causeway, the castles on the Atrim coast, etc. before driving down along the west coast to Galway, Kerry, and Cork, and making our way back to Dublin to fly back to Toronto. We anticipate this trip will be around 10 days long. Is $1000 cad sufficient for flights to Dublin, car rental, hotels and B and Bs, and food

Karen L

Not even close. $1000 will, perhaps, cover slightly more than the cost of the return flight for one person.

Bubba Gubbins

Not even enough for the flight.

Jay P

$1000 will buy the return flight there and back but there's no way you can do that whole trip, with what you have planned, for only a grand, even during low tourist season.


You are kidding, right? $1000 won't be nearly enough.


Not remotely. The airfare may well cost most of that $1,000 Cdn. You will need to go online and see what air tickets for when you want to go will cost you, and don't forget to note ALL of the add on taxes and fees that will come with such an air ticket. Nine nights of accomodations may well cost a total of $1,000 Cdn on their own.


Sounds lovely, but Europe is expensive, We find that when we go, car hire costs as much as the airfare, and even bed and breakfasts are pricey. Try somewhere like Expedia for airfares. It would all be a bit cheaper in May or September but the weather is unpredictable.

Orla C

No it most certainly is not. I don't you know where you got your information, but Ireland is no longer the cheap holiday destination it used to be.


$1000 won't even cover your airfare to and from Toronto to Dublin, much less the cost of 10 days in Ireland with car rentals, hotels, food, etc.

John P

Think separately about the price of the flights to and from Ireland, and about the food and travel and accommodation and "entertainment" costs actually in Ireland. Note that you are intending to visit both the Irish Republic and northern Ireland - two separate countries. No problems in general, but if the UK "crashes out" of the EU on 29th of March 2019 (rather than an orderly Brexit) there might be issues in border crossing. In general the sum of US $1000 seems very low for a person with that itinerary, even without thinking of the transatlantic flights.