I’ve noticed that the majority of Irish people or people with Irish Ancestry or Irish Relatives tend to give me bad experiences?

Should England give Back Northern Ireland to the Republic it Ireland and repatriate all people in Mainland Britain with Irish surnames or Irish ancestry?

Orla C

If others give you 'bad experiences' - whatever that means - it's very possibly because you yourself are a bit of an eejit. Many, many people from English and the rest of Britain live in Ireland and love it. Many people with English last names live in Ireland and consider themselves Irish - because they are. If your 'bad experiences' include you being told you can't change your mind about things agreed officially before to settle a difficult situation, and you are feeling put about about it, that's not a 'bad experience', that's respecting an agreement made that's more important that gratifying your sense of corrosive entitlement.


Maybe because you are ignorant towards them and ask stupid questions....... so "what you notice" is a reflection on you and not a general normal


I’ve got news for you, most of Republic people don’t want NI.

Atheist Dude

English caused the religious sectarian mess in NI in 1609 with James I Ulster plantation Stop being the ignorant Republic of Ireland do not care or want backwater money basket Northern Ireland vile hateful politicians like the DUP and Sinn Fein who might I add are trying to worm their way into Dublin parliament. Ireland feels some connection to both sides in NI and pity their sectarian divide politics but wants them nowhere near Dail Eireann. Only people who care about NI are the people of NI and English and some Scottish loyalists the Brexiteer over patriotic types. Only Irish Republicans think England or Britain should withdraw from NI the Ulster Loyalists/Unionists are a slight majority any withdrawal without a referendum would spark a civil war.