In your opinion, what is it about the 1989 “Camillagate” phone call between Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles that has made it so infamous?

Do you feel that Charles speaking in the recorded call (which was exposed by the news media) about being Mrs. Parker-Bowles’ tampon Is the primary reason the call remains infamous? It is unfortunate that Charles is now associated with tampons. Even my 17-year-old nephew mentioned tampons when a discussion arose about Charles being King.


Most people were shocked by fact that private conversations could so easily be intercepted by the media. Something Diana also found out to her cost when her Squidgygate phone calls were recorded and published.

Sir Prince Kenny

I think it would be infamous for ANYONE to declare, that he would like to be a tampon for his bit of fluff on the side.


To my mind its a bit sleazy. Sleazy enough to make the entire population cringe. Its good that the newspapers highlight what our betters are getting up to.


Why call it "Camillagate"? Adding "gate" to something, which comes from Nixon's break-in of the Democrat HQ at the Watergate Hotel, indicates a political scandal. The only scandal about the tampon conversation was that Rupert Murdoch was not prosecuted for illegally intercepting, recording and publishing a private phone conversation. Whatever Charles and Diana call each other in private is no-one's business but theirs and people who go on about it have no more sense of morality than Murdoch.

Clo G.-B.

Charles' wish to always be close to Camilla, awkwardly expressed as being her tampon is what made the call infamous.


Unfortunately repeating this private conversation is down to 'school-boy' mentality. Most people would MOVE ON. Frankly what passes between two people, especially of an intimate nature, should remain between two people. I was shocked indeed, that this would have been overheard, never mind enter into public knowledge.