Is the public relations effort working to make Prince Charles and his former mistress, the former Mrs. Andrew Parker Bowles, popular?

Will the historical record mention the affair? Will it be re-visited in the media coverage that will accompany Prince Charles becoming king?


No they are not you troll. They don't need Public relations for that. I doubt very much that the media will be interested unlike you.


Yes. Obviously it doesn't work on people with hang-ups. Most people with lives of their own aren't as interested in them as you might like to think.


Sweetie, the historical records -- many of them -- already mention the affair. They can hardly be erased -- as, of course, you know. And certainly the media will revisit it. Now, let's see: how many times have we seen this question? You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days, aren't you?


What is this obsession with the Princess of Wales and her former status? So Prince Charles married his mistress, so what? So did Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Harry. It is a family tradition.

Clo G.-B.

The historical record already mentions the affair--many books by credible biographers exist. Many royals of the past have had affairs that are mentioned in the historical record. And many a royal affair has been revisited. The Duchess of Cornwall will continue to focus on her official duties and do her best--the only way to improve public perception is to do some good.