Why is it hard to see Ferraris in Italy?

Frerrari is and Italian company but I saw 0 of them while I was staying in Italy for 3 months. I can easily see at least a couple of them in the US and Australia.


Because Italians like money but not spending it


Are you joking? Most Italians buy practical cars, if they buy cars at all. In Italy, many people don't bother with cars, because the public transportation systems are so extensive. I lived in Italy for two years, I still travel there often and have many friends and colleagues there. Many Italians I know don't own cars. They'd laugh at this question. Ferraris are for the rich with more money than they need and for foreigners to show off. The rest buy something practical, if they really have to do so.


Opel, Fiat and they look like go-carts. Higher end is more often Audi.

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Should have gone to northern Italy/Alps. I saw lots of then in Cortina d'Ampezzo and areas to the west. Granted that was during the summer season.