Where to meet quality men?

I'm 21, never had a boyfriend, am a virgin, all due to the fact I may have some extremely high expectations. I never found anyone in college really desirable but now that I'm venturing out into the real world, I'd like to know where to find a quality man. For the longest time, I thought I was just unattractive, but on many accounts, have been called pretty as well as sweet and classy. I just feel like my shyness may have caused many boys to not approach me throughout college, and even then, I wasn't attracted. As we know, riches don't define class, and I know many people just assume these are high-profiled people who only stay within their rich circle. Well, rich men, would you say that has increased the likelihood of pursuing a woman? Where are you guys hiding? Is it hard for you to find a woman too? I've tried dating apps, but never went on a date. I want something organic but I feel like that's getting increasingly hard these days :/ I define quality as very gentleman-like...compassionate, intelligent, confident


Search in your country



Pearl L

ask god to send you one, i cant find one either