Would you go back in time and live a week with me in America in 1950?


ღ Pαη∂αα 💋

You gonna wear those red pants? Lol No, though. I am glad this isn't the 1950's.


in a heartbeat


I already have, when I was a child. We had more trees where I lived though.


That is right fancy living compared to were I live today. They own a car & garage. Few but the rich own cars here. Middle class have motorcycles but many poor here who walk. About like 1950 America. 1/2 the population has electric here. Hand pumps are still common in homes. Many women wash there cloths in the river here still. That photo was of upscale America in the 50s. You do not know about the Cabage Patchs, Dog Patch The Chicken Coups. Areas of America before welfare. But then that is a photo of welfare living in America today.


Sadly, I've been there. I was about 3 when that pic was taken. So....NO. I like modern conveniences. Lol


I lived in the 1950s, great time for me


No people would be racist to me


Probably not. I'm not a huge fan of racial segregation and treating women like property. Plus they used to force gay people into insane asylums, force shock therapy or just give them lobotomies and I'd rather avoid all that. The 1950's was only the "golden era" if you were white, straight, middle class, and male. It sucked for everyone else.


no way! People had less rights and racism and misogyny was rampant