Haha. I am big Mexican man who will build 51 ft ladder for racist Trump's 50 foot wall. What say yuo to that Republican gringos?



We'll push your ladder down, hopefully right when you're about to reach the top, that way you'll feel a bit of hope only to have it snatched away as you plummet back to the ground on the Mexican side of the border. That's what we'll do with your ladder.


You ever try to raise a 24 foot ladder? A 32 foot aluminum ladder weighs 300 lbs. a brave man to push those extensions so high up. You must be quite agile. Oh that’s right, your big. Tell us when you’re gonna try, I’d like to video it. Btw, world record is 60 feet. That ladder cost $12,000 to be specially built. Yours is wood, isn’t it? What, 900 to a thousand pounds. Love to see it. You can do it. Good luck!


Well if you’re a US citizen idc how many times you jump that wall.

Pearl L

you probably need to do what trunnp asks you to do


That you wasted your money building a ladder that tall, since the wall that is already currently in place is only about half that height.


I’d love to see this 51 foot ladder. Obviously you don’t know much about ladders. That’s as tall as a five story building.


climbing over the wall, Are you trying to go back home?


You are a sad troll. Trump is probably a worse being than you though, so well done on that.


I'm a Democrat "Gringo" and I don't think we need any illegals.


don't wast time making it yet the wall may be only 10ft and made of barbed wire topped with razor wire


It needs the barbed wire and the cameras on top. And the concrete and drones and more guards etc. And detection lasers. And infrared cameras.


I'd say land mines would be a more effective deterrent. If there was any money in Mexico, I would open a True Value hardware store and sell 51 foot ladders. Like many Americans, I am a capitalist.