Overrated Movies?

What are some movies that you find overrated? We talk about great movies, but what are the ones that are considered great when they really aren't? Here are mine(in no particular order). Forrest Gump- Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet movie. Forrest is an interesting character, and Hanks was brilliant as him, but the message it seems its giving is you can stumble your way into doing some of the greatest things in life with just some luck if that makes sense without trying. Fact it beat Pulp Fiction in the Oscars annoys me. E.T.- Ok wasn't even born when this movie came out so I understand if its hard for me to relate. But even then. It has nice special effects but literally nothing really big happens in the movie. They pretty much meet hang out and then he goes home etc. Like no real storyline. Get Out- Ok the idea for this movie was pretty good. It had some nice social commentary and was even funny. First half was great. But second half was just weird. I felt all the action happened to quick and the reason they kept them still was kind of unclear. Too rushed. Fargo- It's probably just me, but I really didn't get this movie. Yeah McDormand and Macy act great but to me it's just a regular crime movie. Avatar- This in my opinion is the most overrated movie of all time. Yeah the special effects are amazing but the storyline was so unoriginal and predictable that it was pretty boring to watch. I feel like it was style over substance really.


I don't think any critics said Avatar was a "great movie". It did well at the box office, but a lot of movies do that are not considered great. Of the Oscar winners, I thought American Beauty was overrated. It was all about a middle-aged man's fantasy. ET was very innovative when it came out. I know that having seen all the later imitations, it doesn't look as fresh as it did when it came out- that's true of a lot of movies. But it was the first one to depict an alien as a sympathetic character.



thingsandthings: Juno

Juno: just came of as really boring to me. Movies with that kind of nihilistic atmosphere just make the movie drag on... Taken: actually just genuinely a bad movie in my opinion. I really don't understand the appeal of it. Just another senseless dumb action movie, but for some reason it got super popular I agree though, Avatar is a dumpster fire and I don't understand why people liked it


I stopped enjoying all movies years ago. It was a slow progression, but hit me full when I'd heard all these great things about how funny "The 40 Year Old Virgin" was. I watched it, waiting to be entertained. It never happened. Not sure I laughed a single time. I think I've been disappointed in every movie I watched since. Haven't even watched one in over 5 years. They are all overrated to me.