What are the cops in Connecticut smoking ? (pun intended)?

https://www.ctpost.com/local/article/CT-police-Legal-recreational-marijuana-will-13555417.php So CT police say if weed is legalized as a recreational drug, the way alcohol is, that it would cause them more work. Let me get this straight: you have one less drug to deal with, so how is that more work for you? Drunk driving kills people. Drunk people get angry, stoned people get lazy and docile. If you were a cop, would you rather deal with a drunk or a stoner? Even a drunk stoner is more mellow than a plain drunk. Jeez ban alcohol... oh wait, we tried that.


Maybe they mean people on drugs make poor decisions.


Stoners are all well and good until they try and drive a car... in which case they are no better than a drunk. Spout whatever "but I drive stoned all the time" crap you want, it is a fact. So now there is another legal means for people to alter their perceptions and reaction times, meaning there will be more accidents caused by people driving while high. That is what they mean by it causing them more work.