Who is Ninefinger and why do people here hate him so much?



We only hate you.


You're addicted to me and its getting boring. Find some new content pls


He outed a couple of fake veterans. One of them answered this question using his various accounts.

Big Mike

Check out the anonymous reply. It's from Ninefinger himself. He posted 10 minutes after this question appeared. Demonstrating, once again, that he is our biggest trolled puppet ever.!


An absolute LEGEND for outing two trolls and driving them insane with anger, frustration and obsession. Didn't you post this same question the other day ? I seem to recall the two trolls throwing a fit. I think it got deleted. Boy, that sucks. Those moderators must have filed all their nails. UPDATE----- ROTFLMFAO !! A single triggered troll and 12 ANSWERS under his various accounts ! Frustrated beyond belief ! Throwing his tantrum again !! Thinking he's fooling everybody by using the same accounts over and over again. Trolling Y/A's 24 hours a day. Spittle running down his chin as he giggles. This is way to funny. Wait for other accounts to show up.!!! I LOVE triggering the trolls ! Update- And now the main troll account comes out. Crying victim again. The same cast of characters crying the same old. Trying to blame others for his trolling. The convicted child molester Weasel McWeasal. The poor victim central to each and every troll post on this forum.


He is Weasel McWeasel one of many accounts he uses in point gaming


You must mean Trumpster. Othrwise known as 12 finger fascist.

Weasel McWeasel

He's a paid troll who spent 3 years here, posting ridiculous childish lies about me, that got him suspended repeatedly, wasting numerous level 7 accounts, and many smaller ones, trying to get me suspended. He played numerous accounts at once, pretending to be numerous "different" users here, basically talking to himself, and pretending all these "friends" backed up his lies. He pretends to be in various branches of the service, but his main central character, claims to be a former Marine. As if. Of course, that all depends on which character he plays here, you believe to be his "Main central" character. most know him as Ninefinger, with the Doberman avatars......currently using the name "Cheeseburger".......last time I bothered to check my blocked list.........but that's just ONE of the dozens of his accounts I have blocked. a dozen more have already been suspended.


i dont know

Jim You Know Who

An old man, a lonely loser, and a troll who mostly insulted teenagers on here seeking honest advice. Imagine when you were a naive teen asking supposedly wise adults for their experience and advice, but instead getting berated by some dumbass with self-image problems. That dipshit loser got called out and got exactly what he deserved.

♥ Abby ♥

He is a bad and cruel person


Somebody who claims to have served in the US Armed Forces (don't recall what branch), but more likely one of libcrusher / chad's backup accounts. In other words, somebody who is desperately trying to keep rumors of his being both a pedophile and homosexual a secret.